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At Lucas Oil Fabrication, we provide our customers with our shop standard "if it isn't perfect, it's wrong". We take pride in our welding and fabrication services completing each project in a timely manner giving a quality finished product every time with our outstanding work ethic. With our team and equipment, Lucas Oil Fabrication can provide the highest quality metal fabrication and welding in the industry.

Meet Our Team

  • Jason Rush - "Squig"

    Age: 43

    Marital Status: Wife - Julie

    Kids: Daughter - Madison

    Hometown: Avon, IN

    Hobbies: Hotrods, motorcycles, boating, and general fabrication.

    Background: 15 yrs. as a crew member in drag racing. 25+ yrs. welding, fabricating and metalshaping.

  • Richie Crampton - "Aussie / Oz"

    Age: 39

    Marital Status: Wife - Stephanie

    Kids: Daughter - Emma, Son - Reed

    Hometown: Adelaide, AUS

    Hobbies: Building hotrods, spending time with family.

    Background: Top Fuel Driver. 25+ yrs. welding, fabricating, and metalshaping.

  • Rod Centorbi - "Rodzilla / Zilla"

    Age: 47

    Marital Status: Wife - Chris

    Kids: Dog - Mia, Cat - Reese

    Hometown: North Royalton, OH

    Hobbies: Spending money on cars.

    Background: Jack of all trades, master of none...

  • Norm Boutot - "Stormin' Normand"

    Age: 51

    Marital Status: Wife - Linda

    Kids: 3

    Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    Hobbies: Snow mobiling, drag racing, long distance motorcycle riding.

    Background: 30+ years fabricating and designing.

  • Drew Edwards - "Peanut"

    Age: 27

    Marital Status: In a relationship

    Hometown: Elida, OH

    Hobbies: Boating, building hotrods, relaxing, pastry baking.

    Background: 5+ years experience fabricating.

  • Nathan Orr - "Hank"

    Age: 33

    Marital Status: Wife - Stephanie

    Kids: Son - Lex

    Hometown: Brownsburg, IN

    Hobbies: Going to sprint car races, bowling, bingo, badmitten.

    Background: Hank has spent many years building sprint cars and various drag racing vehicles.

  • Adam Shipman - "Haus"

    Age: 20

    Hometown: Pittsboro, IN

    Hobbies: Building hotrods, collecting Disney figurines.

    Background: Started working in dad's shop welding, fabricating, and machining at a young age.

  • Ryan Pethtel - "Pickle"

    Age: 44

    Hometown: Robinson, IL

    Hobbies: Motorcycles, home renovation, going to Colts games

    Background: 20 years as a crew member in drag racing.

Customer Testimonials

Steve Torrence
2018 / 2019 Top Fuel World Champion

The craftsmanship and quality from the team at Lucas Oil Fabrication is unparalleled. They have brought another level of expertise and detail to our Top Fuel chassis that has equated into more than 30 race wins in 3 seasons for our team. For Torrence Racing, Lucas Oil Fabrication is the only choice.

Frank Manzo
17-Time NHRA Champion

Frank Manzo and Al Anabi Performance relies on Lucas Oil Fabrication for their expertise in the racing industry. We have been a Lucas Oil customer since 2009 and with our great success will continue to use and recommend Lucas Oil products and fabrication services.

Joe Barlam
NHRA Crew Chief

Lucas Oil Fabrication provides our team with the finest chassis and components available in our industry. Their highly experienced staff working with state of the art equipment produce the quality parts we need when we need them.

Dom & Bob Lagana
Lagana Racing

The Lucas Oil Fabrication Top Fuel chassis’ are built to be racer friendly. They have many years of experience not only building them, but actually racing them as well. We believe that's one of the many reasons that they are such a successful chassis builder.

Carly Lawrence
Indy Metal Finishing Inc.

For the past few years I have worked with the Lucas Oil Fab Shop. They have assisted us in manufacturing chiller plates for my company. They worked hand in hand with us and were able to expedite the delivery for us due to break downs. Their patience and professionalism are truly appreciated. They have also made modifications for me on my dragster. They took the time to listen to the changes I wanted and offered advice on changes that should be made. I really appreciated the attention to detail that was provided and will definitely be back.

Ron Douglas
Bob Vandergriff Racing

After more than 25 years in this sport, I know quality when I see it. Lucas Oil Fabrication delivers quality components every time. Built not just to perform, but also to last.

Current Projects

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    Top Fuel Wing Stand

  • portfolio_2

    Custom Dragster Frame

  • portfolio_3

    Trailer Repair

We proudly use Lincoln Electric welders and equipment.

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